VAPELAB Helps: Which Disposable Vape Is Best for You?

VAPELAB Helps: Which Disposable Vape Is Best for You?

VAPELAB Helps: Which Disposable Vape Is Best for You?

Whether you vape casually, are new to the scene, or on the path to quit vaping altogether - disposable vapes provide a great short-term option for vaping. While a refillable device will always be the more sustainable long-term choice, you may prefer the convenience of single-use vapes - but are you using the best device to meet your needs? We’re here to help explain what differentiates one single-use vapouriser from the next so you can make the right choice going forward!

When purchasing a disposable vape, you may have noticed a few options beyond just the flavour; nicotine strength, rechargeable vs non-rechargeable, or the number of puffs the device offers. These factors might not seem important at first glance, but they’re a great tool for finding the perfect single-use vape to meet your needs. This blog will walk you through some of these variables you might encounter, and how they can best serve you to find a disposable that not only tastes delicious - but lasts as long as you need it to, while providing a satisfying vape experience.


Nicotine Strength

We often get customers that are surprised to learn that disposables come in a variety of nicotine strengths - with many thinking that 50mg/mL (5%) is the only option available. When single-use devices were first introduced to the New Zealand market, the most commonly seen and sold nicotine strength was 50mg/mL - which, at the time, established itself as the “standard” nicotine strength for disposable vapes. What many new vapers, and some seasoned vapers, might not know is that 50mg/mL is actually New Zealand’s highest legal limit for nicotine in vaping e-liquids. Now that disposable vapes have been around for a while, and the demand for lower strength disposables has steadily increased - there’s more nicotine options for single-use devices than ever before!

Tip: The nicotine content of your disposable device is often labelled in either milligrams per millilitre (mg/mL) of e-liquid, or the overall percentage of nicotine within the e-liquid; these values are interchangeable and therefore mean the same thing. For example, a 50mg/mL single-use vape can also be labelled as 5%, 40mg equates to 4%, 30mg is 3%, etc.

If you’re on the path to quit smoking, we will often recommend a 30-35mg/mL device. This provides a good mid-range point to begin, and allows you to increase or decrease the nicotine strength of your next disposable as necessary to achieve a satisfying hit.

A majority of vapers who use refillable devices find that somewhere between 20mg/mL to 30mg/mL strikes a nice balance of nicotine-intensity and flavour. If you’ve used a single-use vape in the past and found the nicotine hit to be too strong, we'd suggest lowering the nicotine-strength of your next disposable to see if it provides a smoother vaping experience. Some of our favourite devices in this category are the 20mg/mL Cloudys Disposable Vape & 30mg/mL Wotofo Mega+.

Those who are looking to lower their nicotine-intake, or those who are quitting vaping altogether, may like to gradually lower their nicotine-strength to a 0mg - it provides the delicious flavour you’re used to, with no added nicotine! We’re starting to see a steady increase of 0mg single-use options enter the market, with some seriously delicious flavours from the IPLAY Max now available in a 0mg format.



Another thing to consider when purchasing your disposable vape is how long it will last. Single-use vapes will often tell you how many puffs you can get before needing to dispose of them; some disposables will last just a single day, while others can last for over a week! Our general rule-of-thumb with puff counts is that 1000 puffs will roughly cover two days of vaping - this, of course, will depend on how often you vape.

Tip: The amount of puffs you want from your single-use device depends on why you’re buying a disposable device in the first place. Do you solely use disposable vapes? In this case, a rechargeable device with a high puff-count will be your most cost-friendly option - like the Go2 6500, or DRAGBAR B5000

Have you left your reusable device at home? A low cost and low puff-count device will provide a temporary replacement until you can reunite with your old-faithful - the SMOK Novo 1000-puff is an especially great option for this. 

Maybe you usually use a reusable device, but you’re heading away for a week on the trails or off to a festival; A non-rechargeable high-puff count device is the ideal low-maintenance choice for extended periods of vaping - like the ALLO X 3500 puff

When purchasing a single-use vape, a lot of the upfront cost covers the hardware of the device. Subsequently, constantly purchasing single-use devices can quickly add up. While a refillable device will always be a cost-friendlier option if you’re a long term vaper, a rechargeable, disposable device with a high puff count will allow you to vape for extended periods without having to repurchase a new device as often. As an added bonus, purchasing a high puff-count device creates much less environmental waste than constantly buying low puff count disposables.



Some people can often feel overwhelmed by all the flavour options available, it’s no-fun being stuck with a flavour you don’t like, so let’s break the flavours down into a few categories;

Tobacco: Tobacco flavoured single-use vapes can be a great substitute for people who are on their journey to quit smoking; while the flavours and sensation may not be a perfect replica, the familiar flavour profiles will provide you a great start to vaping. Other vapers who aren’t so keen on sweet e-liquids often prefer the earthy, almost savoury, flavours of tobacco e-liquids.

Mint/Menthol: If you find flavoured vapes too intense, or you just prefer a simple-flavour, a sweet and icy mint or frosty menthol is a popular flavour profile for many vapers here at VAPELAB. Ex-smokers might welcome the icy-sensation of a menthol vape, like the Dinner Lady 1500 Mint Menthol, as it provides a familiar throat-hit that’s so prolific in traditional cigarettes.

Fruit/Fruit Ice: Without a doubt, the most popular flavour profile when it comes to single-use disposables is Fruit or Fruit Iced; with such a large range of fruit flavours to choose from; it's not hard to find your next favourite! Many ex-smokers prefer to leave the taste of cigarettes in the past, and opt for something that doesn't remind them of cigarettes at all; making fruit/fruit iced flavours an excellent choice! Some of our favourites in this category include the IPLAY X-Box or Vozol Star 3000

Dessert/Candy/Beverage: Dessert flavoured disposables tend to have the most variety, with flavours ranging from sweet to savoury. Dessert e-liquids provide a warm and mellow flavour, and are great for vapers who aren’t keen on the flavour of tobaccos/mints/menthols, but also find the nectar-like sweetness of a fruit/fruit-ice too intense.

Choosing the right disposable doesn’t need to be a tricky task, and we understand how frustrating it can be when you’re stuck with a less-than-perfect vape. Hopefully this blog has given you some insight into the variables of single-use vapes, and going forward you can pick the perfect vape to meet your needs!

Whether you’re after a high puff-count, premium flavour or a low nicotine-strength option; our online store offers a huge variety of premium disposables vapes to suit the needs of anyone!

Or, if you prefer to shop in-store, our staff are always happy to assist in helping you find the perfect disposable vape that not only tastes amazing, but meets all the requirements specific to you and your needs!

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