Tips & Tricks: Dry Herb & Concentrate Vapourisers

Everything you should know about your new Dry Herb/Concentrate Vapouriser

Whether you’re new to vaping, or you’ve been vaping for a while, we’ve compiled a few tips and tricks that we recommend all users follow to ensure a satisfying and enduring dry herb vaping experience from your chosen device. 

When you first receive your new dry herb vapouriser, we strongly implore you to have a read of the user-manual to begin familiarising yourself with your new device. Other reputable sources such as the manufacturers website, YouTube reviews, as well as our VAPELAB website can be useful for further enhancing your knowledge and understanding of your vape device.


Burn-off Cycle

We always encourage vapers to perform a burn-off cycle before using their new dry herb vape device for the first time. 

A burn-off cycle is, simply put, running your device at a high temperature without anything inside of the chamber/oven. This helps to remove any residual odors, chemicals or materials left behind after the manufacturing process. A burn-off cycle is also excellent for loosening any stubborn residue before cleaning the devices’ components. 

You should always perform a burn-off cycle before using a brand new herb vapouriser, and can repeat the process as necessary until you feel your device is ready for vaping.


Charging Your Dry Herb Vape

There are two main battery types when it comes to dry herb vapourisers; internal (built-in) or external (removable). 

Regardless of whether your battery is internal or external, we strongly advise that you do not charge it overnight or for extended periods of time, beyond the battery reaching full charge. Not only can this pose a risk to your own personal safety, but it is also one of the leading causes of faults in dry herb vapourisers. 

We highly encourage vapers with an externally powered vapouriser to replace their battery every 3-6 months to keep their device operating as-new. On top of this, we recommend purchasing only genuine, replacement batteries.

If your battery start to show signs of wear, or if you drop/damage your battery, please replace it immediately. 


Internal Battery Devices

Devices that have pre-installed, internal batteries, such as the Flowermate CAP Pro or Firefly 2+, are designed to be charged directly through the device itself. Some devices will have a USB charging port, while others may need to be placed onto a charging cradle; regardless, we always encourage vapers to use the supplied charging hardware that comes with the device. 

When charging any dry herb device with a built-in battery, it is really important to remember to remove your device from charge once the battery has reached 100%. This not only helps to preserve the life of your battery, but also helps to prevent any potential faults caused by overcharging.


External Battery Devices

For devices that are powered by removable, external batteries, such as the DaVinci IQC or Flowermate V5 Nano, we always recommend charging your batteries via an external battery charger instead of the USB charging port that is present on many of these devices. 

As with internal-battery devices, it’s important not to overcharge your external batteries as this can cause stress on the batteries and significantly reduce their lifespan. An external battery charger, such as the Efest Mega USB Battery Charger, utilises intelligent safety features including automatic overcharge protection, short-circuit protect and more to ensure your batteries always charge safely. 

Some devices that use external batteries may also have a charging port on the device itself. While this seems like a convenient option, we encourage that you charge the batteries externally at every opportunity possible to ensure the longevity of both your batteries and device. 

As an added benefit, an external battery charger allows you to charge multiple batteries at once; meaning you can keep spares on hand and quickly swap them out of your device to continue your session.

If you are wanting more information on battery safety, please check out our Battery Safety Information Page. 


Cleaning Your Vape 

It is essential to always keep your dry herb device clean and well-maintained in order for it to continue delivering high-quality vapour.

We strongly advise cleaning your device after each session, if possible, or at least once a week. Regular cleaning is crucial to maintain the expected performance of your device and to prevent potential faults from occurring.

The primary components that will need regular cleaning are the vapour pathway, mouthpiece and herb chamber. Some devices, like the DaVinci IQ2, IQC or MIQRO-C, will allow you to remove these components for easy cleaning. Specific cleaning instructions for your Dry Herb Vapouriser can be found in the user manual.
To clean your device and its components, we recommend using;
  • Isopropyl Alcohol
  • Cotton buds

Any component that has been wiped or soaked in isopropyl alcohol requires sufficient time to completely dry before use. We recommend allowing your components to thoroughly air-dry before re-assembly your device. If necessary, you can perform a burn-off cycle to remove any left over cleaning residue or odor.


Warranty Information

Our full range of dry herb vapourisers come with a minimum 1-year manufacturers warranty with devices such as the DaVinci IQ2 offering an impressive 10-year warranty. For more information on the warranty period of your specific device, you’ll find it either in the user manual, or on our website. VAPELAB's warranty procedures can be found here. 

When you first receive your dry herb vapouriser it’s important to take note of the serial number, in case the device ever needs to be processed for a warranty exchange; the serial number can be found on the box or sometimes on the device itself. In some cases, manufacturers may require your device to be registered via their preferred channels in order to honour the devices warranty.  

If you believe your device may be faulty, please be sure to reach out to our support team via our contact page; our Support Specialist’s will be able to assist with any troubleshooting. 

Due to the nature in which these products are used, we ask that you please do not bring them in-store for troubleshooting unless asked to by our Support Team.


Spare Parts & Accessories

We stock an extensive range of spare parts and accessories for your device, including silicone gloves, replacement mouthpieces, kits for vaping concentrates & much more! 

If you are needing a replacement component for your dry herb device, and don’t see it listed on our website, please feel free to reach out via our contact page - we’ll do our best to source a replacement for you.



For any general enquiries, information or assistance, please feel free to reach out via our contact page here. Our Support Specialists are available 7 days a week to answer any questions you may have!