VAPELAB Rewards Points

VAPELAB Rewards is our way of thanking you, and all of our valued customers for your continued support throughout the years! Earn exciting rewards with every purchase and be the first to hear about exclusive offers and promotions. 


What is it? 

For every dollar you spend in-store or online at VAPELAB, you will earn five points. Once you reach 1000 points, you can begin redeeming your points for vouchers that can be used towards your next purchase. This equates to $10 off every $200 spent or a 5% saving! 


How many points do I need? 

Points redeemable

Voucher value

1000 points

$10 voucher

1500 points

$15 voucher

2500 points

$25 voucher

5000 points

$50 voucher

10000 points

$100 voucher

How do I sign up? 

Signing up for VAPELAB Rewards is a super fast and simple process! Simply complete a registration form online here or ask one of our friendly team about signing up next time you are shopping in-store. 


How can I earn bonus points? 

In addition to the points you collect when you make a purchase, there a plenty of ways you can earn bonus VAPELAB Rewards points!

      1. Sign-up

It really is as easy as that! Simply sign-up to VAPELAB Rewards today and you’re account will automatically be credited with 200 bonus points!

      2. Review your favourite VAPELAB products 

Your honest feedback is extremely valuable to us! Let us know what you think of our products and services by writing a product review on our website. For each review that you write, you’ll receive 100 bonus points

     3. Celebrate a birthday

How does 500 bonus points on your birthday sound? Upon creating your VAPELAB Rewards account, be sure to enter your birthdate to automatically receive 500 bonus points each year on your birthday!

     4. Follow us on Instagram

It’s as easy as that! Simply follow us on Instagram via the VAPELAB Rewards pop-up found in the bottom right corner of our website and you’ll receive an additional 100 bonus points.

     5. Like our Facebook page

Similarly to above, simply like our Facebook page via the VAPELAB Rewards pop-up in the bottom right corner of our website to receive 100 bonus points. Plus, share our Facebook page amongst your friends for an additional 50 bonus points!

     6. Refer a friend 

When you refer a friend via the VAPELAB Rewards pop-up, you’ll automatically receive 1000 bonus points! In addition to this, your friend will receive 10% off their first order. 


How can I check my VAPELAB Rewards balance? 

Simply log in to your VAPELAB Rewards account online to check your account balance or ask one of our friendly team members next time you shop in-store!


For more information or questions regarding your VAPELAB Rewards account, please contact us here