Vape Battery Safety

It is super important to ensure that you are using and taking care of your vape device and its external or internal batteries correctly, this is to avoid any hazards such as overheating and venting. The best thing you can do to ensure your own safety is to purchase vape batteries and devices from a reputable vape shop, luckily here at VAPELAB New Zealand, we have a good range of batteries suitable for vaporisers as well as a great selection of internal battery devices from well-known manufacturers.

Battery safety is important and should never be overlooked, so before you purchase your batteries or device, we’ve prepared a list of some need-to-know tips on battery safety to ensure you remain safe when using your vape device. 


Internal (built-in) Batteries:

Internal batteries like those featured in some of our best-selling pod vape devices such as the UWELL Caliburn G Pod Kit, or the UWELL Valyrian Pod Kit are extremely safe when used correctly. Below you will find important information to follow when using a vape device with a built-in battery.


Charge your vape device correctly:

Always ensure you are using the correct charging cable for your vape device. Your device will come with a charging cable, it is recommended that you use this. It is important to ensure that the USB port on your device is clear of any residue, debris or liquid prior to charging.

It is very important to connect your charging cable to a suitable wall plug, the output of the wall plug should not exceed more than 1-2 amps depending on your device. You can check the instruction manual which comes with your vape to determine the level of amps that your vape battery can handle. Do NOT use high amp wall chargers or fast chargers as these are not suitable for charging vape batteries. At VAPELAB we recommend charging your device through a laptop, computer, or gaming console if you are unsure how many amps your wall plug puts out. 

If your charging cable starts getting hot or shows any signs of damage, discontinue use immediately. Most devices have an auto shut-off function that stops the battery from overcharging. Despite this, we recommend that you do not leave your vape device on charge for an extended period of time. 


Always Handle with Care:

It is important to keep your vape device safe! Dropping your vape can cause internal damage that can lead to the battery venting. If you drop your device, do not continue using it if considerable external damage is present.



Do not store your device in direct sunlight as this can cause overheating. Store your device away from any flammable materials, to be safe it is best to remove the tank or pod from your vape device before leaving it overnight. 


Buy from a Reputable Vape Store:

Counterfeit devices often lack many of the safety features that authentic vape devices contain. Here at VAPELAB NZ we only sell reputable and authentic products, so you can be sure you are buying safe and authenticated devices when you shop with us!


External Batteries:

External batteries are great as you can keep an extra set on hand for long days when charging isn’t an option. Some popular devices which use external batteries are the Geekvape Aegis X Kit, and the Voopoo Drag X Plus Kit. Typically, vape devices will take 1 or 2 18650 batteries such as the Molicel RM2.5/P26A 18650 Battery which you can find here. It is always best to check on our website or ask one of our friendly team members in-store to ensure you are buying the correct batteries for your device.

Below are some important tips to ensure your safety when using external batteries.


Charge your Batteries Correctly:

Whether you are charging the battery in your device or with an external battery charger it is important to ensure you are doing this correctly. Some vape devices such as the Vaporesso Luxe 2 offer onboard charging. This means you can charge the batteries while they are in your vape through the charging port on the device. 

You can check whether your vape device offers an onboard charging function in the instruction manual. Some devices have USB inputs purely for firmware updates only, so please ensure you check before using the port to charge your batteries.

At VAPELAB NZ we recommend using an external battery charger, whether your vape device offers an onboard charging function or not. Not only does this provide a more convenient and safe charging option, but it will also help to extend the life of your batteries by putting less stress on them. We have a good range of battery chargers available both in-store and online here


Check for Damage:

We cannot stress enough how important it is to check your batteries regularly for any damage. Vape batteries must be kept in perfect condition. If you notice any damage to the battery such as dents or tears in the battery wrap, it is time to replace your batteries.


Use a Battery Case:

If you are carrying your batteries around or storing them outside of the device, we highly recommend using a battery case. Loose batteries in your bag or pocket can be extremely dangerous due to the risk of other items potentially damaging the battery. Metal objects such as keys can create a circuit with your vape battery causing it to vent and possibly explode. When buying batteries from us here at VAPELAB NZ, we will provide you with a case for your vape batteries. 


Buy Quality Batteries:

Always buy your batteries from a reputable vape store. Counterfeit batteries can lead to serious damage as they may have been mislabeled and often overstate the capacity and/or amps on the outside of the battery. We have a great range of quality batteries available here.


Don’t Mix and Match Sets of Batteries:

Although many batteries look the same, you should never mix different battery models or batteries that are of different ages. Eg. You should not use one battery that has been used for over a year with a new battery. This is due to different battery models and batteries of different ages having different voltage outputs which can cause damage to your batteries and your vaping device. 


If you have any questions or concerns regarding your vape device or batteries, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us!

Nicholson Owen Limited t/a VAPELAB will not be held responsible or liable for any temporary or permanent injury, damage or defect that may be caused by the misuse of a Li-ion (Lithium-ion), LiPo (Lithium-ion Polymer), and any rechargeable battery/batteries.