Introducing the Brand New Go2 Disposable Vape Device

Introducing the Brand New Go2 Disposable Vape Device

Introducing the Brand New Go2 Disposable Vape Device

When it comes to disposable vapes; convenience, sustainability and cost-effectiveness are probably at the forefront of any vapers mind. There’s no-shortage of options to choose from in the current market, and oftentimes we find vapers looking for a device that’s not-only delicious in flavour - but can go the distance with a sizeable puff count.

This is where the new Go2 Disposable Vape Device comes into play; offering an unparalleled vape experience with its extensive flavour range, impressive 6500 puffs and convenient USB-C charging capabilities. If you’re on the search for a cost-effective and environmentally-conscious option, the Go2 single-use vape is your ideal vaping companion!

The Go2 takes flavour to new heights by offering eleven mouth watering options to choose from. Whether it’s a refreshing fruit blend, an indulgent dessert or maybe even a creamy coffee, the Go2 has something to satisfy every palate! Some of our favourites from this extensive range include;

  • Blackcurrant Soda Sensation
    Get the taste buds dancing with this effervescent blend! Combining juicy blackcurrants with fizzy soda, Blackcurrant Soda Sensation invigorates the palate with fruity sweetness and a sherbert-like exhale.

  • Aloe Vera Apple
    Crisp apples combine with refreshingly-sweet aloe vera to create a delicious fruit blend with candy-like sweetness and delightfully smooth exhale!
  • Marshmallow
    Sweet-toothed vapers rejoice! This deliciously creamy vape showcases the flavour of fluffy marshmallows with intense sweetness and moreish notes of vanilla.

  • Cappuccino
    Vape the rich flavours of your favourite brew, morning, noon or night! Deliciously creamy, slightly sweet, and intense with coffee flavour; Cappuccino is a must try for all the bean-fiends out there!

A standout feature of the Go2 is its sizeable puff count! Offering a whopping 6500 puffs of flavour, the Go2 is our highest puff count device to date! Whether you’re enjoying an extended weekend away from home, or are a casual vaper who likes to spend minimal-trips to your local vape specialist; the Go2 has you covered for around 12 days of use.

By purchasing a high puff-count device, you eliminate the need to constantly discard and repurchase like you would with a lower puff count device; greatly reducing your e-waste and saving you some money along the way!

The Go2 is fitted with a 550mAh rechargeable via USB-C, and pre-filled with 15mL of e-liquid; allowing you to use the device straight from the box! With 6500 puffs in 50mg/mL salt nicotine, at a price of $29.95, the Go2 is one our most cost-friendly disposable devices!

Combining the best of convenience, affordability and unparalleled flavour, the Go2 Disposable Vape Device offers a top notch experience at a friendly price point. Whether you’re a disposable vape enthusiast, or a newcomer looking to give vaping a try; the Go2 is ready to go whenever you are!

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