VAPELAB Helps: Tobacco-Free Nicotine

VAPELAB Helps: Tobacco-Free Nicotine

VAPELAB Helps: Tobacco-Free Nicotine

The latest addition to our disposable vapouriser range, the Pacha Syn Disposable Vape Device, also rings in as our first tobacco-free nicotine product here at VAPELAB. To help avoid any confusion, we thought we’d take this opportunity to clear the air on tobacco-free nicotine (also known as synthetic nicotine); what it is and what it will mean for the future of vaping & e-cigarette products in New Zealand. 

Until now, all of our stocked e-liquid products have used nicotine sourced from tobacco. Nicotine extraction from tobacco materials was pioneered by the cigarette industry and has been a common practice since the 1960s. It’s the reason why we now have nicotine patches, gum, lozenges and, of course, e-liquid products for vaping! 

Without getting too scientific, the nicotine-extraction process involves a few techniques of breaking down organic tobacco material and forming a pharmaceutical-grade nicotine extract. From this extract, we have freebase nicotine, while further refinement of this freebase nicotine produces nicotine salt. You can learn more about the differences between freebase nicotine and salt nicotine here

While the nicotine we most commonly see used in products in New Zealand is derived from tobacco, scientists can now create pure nicotine in a laboratory environment without the need for tobacco or tobacco materials. The exact process and chemicals used can vary depending on the specific manufacturer.

It’s important to note that tobacco-free nicotine shares the same chemical formula as tobacco-derived nicotine, and behaves the same way when vaporised. The key point of difference between the two is where the nicotine is sourced from; be that from tobacco or from a laboratory. 

An increased demand for tobacco-free nicotine in overseas markets has led to synthetic nicotine already being manufactured and sold in places like the United States. Since the New Zealand market imports e-liquid & e-cigarette products from overseas, we may start to see more tobacco-free nicotine products on shelves in the future.

At this stage, the introduction of tobacco-free nicotine is still relatively new to the New Zealand market. However, we will be sure to keep you all updated with which of our products contain tobacco-free nicotine as they're introduced to our range - until then, let us know what you think of the new Pacha Syn Disposable! 

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