VAPELAB Review Policy & Eligibility

Product reviews are open for VAPELAB customers to express their genuine and personal opinion on our vape products and services. Reviews are super important for us here at VAPELAB as they help our team understand what products our customers are enjoying and what we can improve on. Genuine reviews also allow our customers to read honest opinions from other VAPELAB customers, helping them come to a more informed decision on what vape products they wish to purchase.

This is why it is crucial that all reviews left on our website are genuine and honest. You can only review a product that you have purchased from VAPELAB NZ, and you can only post one review per product. To ensure that your review is accurate please read the instructions for the product you have purchased and use the product in accordance with these instructions.

VAPELAB does not edit reviews unless consent has been provided by the reviewer. We will contact the reviewer if more information is needed before a review is published. VAPELAB reserves the right to not publish reviews that do not meet our review guidelines.

Review Guidelines 

When submitting a review please follow these guidelines:

Your review must;

  • Be on a vape product you have purchased from VAPELAB and used in accordance to the products instructions.
  • Be directly related to the product itself, not to any products which are similar and/or sold by other retailers.
  • Include an honest star rating.
  • Be original and genuine, not misleading or deceptive either in whole or in part.

Your review must not include;

  • Personal information of another person, such as, names, email, phone numbers, or address.
  • Advertisements or reference another offer or retailer/website.
  • Discriminatory, defamatory, abusive, illegal, or offensive language; or be harmful or intended for unlawful purposes. 

For each review that you submit, you will receive 100 VAPELAB Rewards points. VAPELAB reserves the right to remove these rewards points if the review does not meet our guidelines, and therefore, is not published to our website. 

By providing your review, you agree to VAPELAB using all or any part of your review for marketing purposes on our website and/or elsewhere. Reviews are subject to VAPELAB’s terms and conditions.

If you have any questions about our review guideline, please contact us here.