Brand Highlight: Introducing the New Sierra E-liquids

Brand Highlight: Introducing the New Sierra E-liquids

Brand Highlight: Introducing the New Sierra E-liquids

Are you ready for bold flavour from the smoothest e-liquids ever vaped? The Sierra range is here to deliver you the freshest & fruitiest flavours you’ve tried to-date! 

Proudly manufactured right here in New Zealand, the makers of Sierra are well-acquainted with the flavour-profiles that make up the Kiwi palate; fresh, fruity, and smooth. Bearing these flavours in mind, Sierra e-liquids deliver a line-up of New Zealands favourite fruit flavours - think sweet strawberry, juicy watermelon and bold grape to name a few!

Some of you may have noticed, whether you’re shopping with VAPELAB or beyond, that the beloved Pachamama e-liquid range has been widely phased out of the New Zealand market, and is becoming more and more difficult to get your hands on! Luckily, the comparable flavour-profiles and timely arrival of the Sierra range provides an excellent alternative to the much-loved Pachamama e-liquids that we’re all missing!

The plain grape or simple strawberry e-liquid, as delicious as they may be, can become rather ‘one-note’ when vaping all day long. Sierra reimagines these flavours with delicious blends and unique pairings; breathing new life into these classic e-liquids so they can be enjoyed again for years to come! Juicy, fruity, and irresistibly smooth (we mean it, these e-liquids vape very smoothly) - we know the Sierra range will quickly join the line-up of Kiwi favourites!

Fuji Apple

Inspired by the nectar-like sweetness of Japan’s Fuji Apples, the aptly named Fuji Apple from Sierra blends a delicious mix of fresh apples, ripe strawberries and juicy nectarines - creating a layered-sensation where one flavour beautifully transforms into the next.

While this e-liquid can easily be compared to Fuji from Pachamama, Sierra’s Fuji Apple blend features a delicious complexity that Fruit Monster e-liquid lovers will recognise and love!

Starfruit Grape

The humble grape e-liquid has a dedicated-spot in the hearts of many Kiwis, we’re well aware of the fact, but Sierra has a special-something for those of you growing tired of the “one-note” grape. Starfruit Grape from Sierra combines the familiar favourite with the unfamiliar starfruit; providing an experience that delivers upfront-grape sweetness with notes of tangy “ripeness” that only starfruit can provide!

Sierra’s Starfruit Grape is step-up in flavour for anyone who’s tried and enjoyed the Chosen Juicy Grape or Good Juice Grape e-liquids, and also makes for a perfect replacement to Pachamama’s very own Starfruit Grape. 

Strawberry Watermelon

Fully embodying the “grows together, goes together” ethos, Sierra’s Strawberry Watermelon deliciously combines the refreshing flavours of some of summers most iconic fruits! The juicy inhale of fresh watermelons carries delightfully sweet notes of strawberries as it coats the tastebuds, leaving the mouth watering as it passes back through on the smooth exhale!

Fans of Pachamama’s Strawberry Watermelon will love Sierra’s take on this delicious combination!

Iced Mango

Tropical flavours and blends can evoke a certain “warmth” when vaped, and Mango e-liquids are no exception! But have you ever wondered what else is out there? Sierra unlocks the full-potential of the mango, pairing it with a delicate-touch of refreshing ice to create a satisfying vape-experience.

Anyone who’s enjoyed Aisu’s Mango or Just Juice’s Mango & Passionfruit will love Sierra’s added ice to their refreshing e-liquid, while fans of Pachamama’s Icy Mango will see this familiar combination as a welcome alternative!

Honeydew Melon

The flavour of the honeydew melon is difficult to describe, and harder to capture, but Sierra has managed to do so - and does so flawlessly! The nectar-like notes of Sierra’s Honeydew Melon, sweet, subtle and slightly floral, play-around on the palate and refresh the senses on the smooth exhale - this is one of those “try it to believe it” e-liquids!

Fans of the more subtle-flavoured e-liquids, such as a few flavours from Supergoods Cocktail range, will love the complex subtlety of Sierra’s Honeydew Melon. If you’ve been on the hunt for a replacement to Pachamama's own Honeydew Melon; this is the one!

It’s probably been a while since you last enjoyed a plain ol’ apple e-liquid, so why not reignite your love for apples with the nectar-like blend of Fuji Apple? Tired of the simple grape? Bring exotic starfruit into the mix for a tangy-kick! You can indulge in these mouth-watering flavours, and more, from the new Sierra e-liquid range - good luck putting them down, though!

Check out the full Sierra Salt Nicotine E-liquid range here

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