Introducing the XMAX Dry Herb Vapouriser Series

Introducing the XMAX Dry Herb Vapouriser Series

Introducing the XMAX Dry Herb Vapouriser Series

The top-selling dry herb devices in the market are now available at VAPELAB! We’re excited to introduce the champions of XMAX’s stellar dry-herb lineup: the XMAX V3 Pro, Starry 4 & V3 Nano. These devices, merging sleek aesthetics with cutting-edge tech, offer a spectrum of choices for dry herb vapers of any experience level. Whether you’re a vaper who values flexibility, simplicity or portability; XMAX has the perfect match for you and your style of dry herb vaping! We’ll outline the very best features of the XMAX range, showcasing how their devotion to top-notch quality and performance lays the groundwork for a reliable dry herb vaping setup!



Customise your perfect vaping setup with the ever-flexible V3 Pro! This game-changing device is not only a VAPELAB best-seller, the XMAX V3 Pro is your go-to for dry herb vaping on your terms! Featuring a removable 18650 battery, the V3 Pro ensures continuous vaping sessions, enabling you to swiftly change out the battery for a spare when you want to jump straight into another session! Utilising precise temperature controls, the V3 Pro can operate at your desired temperature for the perfect inhale with its On Demand vaping mode. Or, if you prefer to enjoy your herb over the course of a few minutes, the V3 Pro also offers Session Mode which will automatically deactivate the device after 4 or 6 minutes.

The V3 Pro has a huge range of accessories available, with options to extend the vapour pathway of your device for cooler vapour, or to run your V3 Pro through a third-party water pipe or bubbler for the smoothest vape you’ve ever had! Enjoy the best of both worlds with the XMAX V3 Pro Bubbler Mouthpiece; an all-in-one accessory that provides both water-filtration and a lengthened vapour pathway! 

If you’re a vaper hunting for the perfect device, it may already be here! The V3 Pro offers the flexibility to perform exactly as you want, with a plethora of accessories to design your one-of-a-kind, personalised vaping setup!


Starry 4

Vaping couldn’t be more simple with the Starry 4! This session vapouriser allows you to enjoy your herb over the course of a 4, 6 or 10-minute duration before automatically shutting off. Powered by a removable 18650 battery, you can swiftly jump from session to session; simply swap your battery out for a fully-charged spare to continue vaping without interruption. 

Using the Starry 4 is as simple as selecting your preferred temperature (100-240°C) and choosing your preferred session time; the device will notify you that it’s ready by vibrating and will begin counting down your session once it reaches the desired temperature. The swivelling zirconium glass mouthpiece not only adds a touch of sophistication to the Starry 4 but also helps to ensure cool and flavourful vapour from your herb, and can rotate 360° for easy access! 

For those who prefer the option to customise their inhale; the Starry 4 offers precision airflow adjustment with a simple push of the airflow slider. Fully-opening the airflow allows for cool, wispy vapour while a fully-closed airflow slider provides warm, dense vapour production. When used in-tandem with XMAX Starry 4 Dosage Capsules; the Starry 4 becomes the perfect choice for medicinal users who wish to control their dosage.

A fine balance of simplicity and convenience, the Starry 4 is an ideal choice for anyone wanting a fuss-free setup! Whether you’re a medicinal user, or new to dry herb vaping altogether, the Starry 4 is a friendly introduction to the hobby and provides a premium vapour quality at the touch of a button!


V3 Nano

An excellent choice for vapers who value discretion; the V3 Nano by XMAX is a simple-to-use device that slips into a pocket or handbag with ease! This petite device is ideal for users on-the-go, or for vapers seeking a stripped-back, no-fuss vape experience; simply load the chamber with herb, power on the device and inhale! 

The V3 Nano is a simple session-style vapouriser, optimised to extract the full potential of your herb with a single-button. Each session begins at 200°C and gradually increases to 220°C over a three-minute period before the V3 Nano deactivates. This function, paired with a non-removeable 1000mAh battery, makes the V3 Nano an ideal backup device for heavy users or an excellent first-time device for inexperienced vapers who vape on occasion.

Standing just over 13cm tall, the V3 Nano remains discreet, compact and has no-need for unnecessary embellishments or features. Those who do wish to customise their vape can use the V3 Nano Water Pipe Adaptor to run their device through a water pipe to further-cool the vapour before inhaling.

Whether you’re dry herb vaper who likes to keep things low-key, or want a device that does all the thinking for you, the V3 Nano is a must-have for vaping at the press of a button! 


Trusted by both VAPELAB staff and customers alike, the XMAX lineup offers an array of options to suit vapers of all experience levels! Whether you’re drawn to robust performance with flexible accessory options, simple operation with a single button, or discretion from the comfort of your pocket; the XMAX family covers all bases with its diverse range of features and designs!

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