XMAX - V3 Pro Stainless Steel Dosage Pods


Need spare dosage pods for your XMAX V3 Pro? Find them online or in-store at VAPELAB!

A must-have for any dry herb vapers arsenal; the V3 Pro dosage pods allow you to reload and enjoy your herb on the go! 

Comprised of durable Stainless Steel, these pods ensure gentle and even heating of your herb, and are ideal for keeping your V3 Pro's chamber clean! Holding up to 0.15g of dry herb, the V3 Pro dosage pods are excellent for vapers who wish to medicate in smaller doses.


  • 5x XMAX V3 Pro Stainless Steel Dosage Pods
  • 1x Dosage Pod Holder

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
John S.

quality product:)

Thanks for the 5-stars :)

Great piece of kit but needs six

Would be great to have six so the tube doesn’t rattle when I have one in the burner. The lid is not so tight either.

Thanks for the feedback, George!

Plug and play your vaping

These are awesome and to my mind, at least in my context totally make the V3 work. Being able to just pop in a capsule and chill out indescretely is perfect. Love the tube and seals. Secretly wish they came as a 6 pack with 5 in the tube. Having one in the vape means they rattle. The lids aren't always a snug fit and I've had some spills so starting to give the tub a little squease to ensue the lid is a snap on. Otherwise, totally recommend these.

Thanks so much for the feedback on the V3 Pro Dosage Pods! Definitely a handy accessory to have on hand, glad that you are enjoying them :)

A must-have!

These, plus the the glass mouthpiece, are top tier accessories for your X-MAX V3 Pro.

Glad to hear that you are enjoying the dosage pods, Bobby! Appreciate the feedback :)

Tim A.
Super convenient

This is a great little product - keeps everything tidy and super convenient for having a dose prepped!

Thanks for the feedback, Tim! Awesome to hear you're loving the V3 Pro's Dosage Pods - they're quite handy to have on-hand, aren't they?