XMAX - V3 Pro Glass Mouthpiece


Need a replacement glass mouthpiece for your XMAX V3 Pro Vapouriser? Find one here, online or in-store at VAPELAB!

Keep a spare on hand, or upgrade your plastic V3 Pro Mouthpiece for a clean and flavourful Glass Mouthpiece! 

Fitted with a premium-grade glass tube, providing a pure and unfiltered vapour pathway for your herb, the V3 Pro Glass Mouthpiece delivers an appealingly cool sensation on the lips compared to its plastic counterpart!


  • 1x XMAX V3 Pro Glass Mouthpiece

Customer Reviews

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Claire H.

XMAX - V3 Pro Glass Mouthpiece

Thanks for the 5-stars, Claire!

Mia S.
Easy to clean

Much easier to clean than the plastic mouth piece!

Glad to hear that you are enjoying the V3 Pro Glass Mouthpiece, Mia! Thanks for the review :)

Whangarei H.
XMAX - V3 Pro Glass Mouthpiece

Absolutely love my glass mouthpiece! Makes smoking experience soo much better. The one that comes with the vape makes me feel like back in primary school playing the old recorder lol. Also, way easier to clean. Super-fast shipping and free Whittakers chocolate!! No complaints here.

Glad that you are loving the upgrade to the glass mouthpiece! We appreciate the feedback :)

Way easier to vape

I had trouble with using xmax v3 pro with original mouthpiece. So I bought this first to see if it works better. Yes it works definitely better, easier and smoother to use. Also way easier to clean. Recommend it!!

Thanks for your amazing feedback on the V3 Pro Glass Mouthpiece!

V3 Pro Glass Mouthpiece

Nice to use. Gets a little hot over long use time

Thanks for the 5-stars, Dan! Awesome that you're getting good-use from your glass mouthpiece. The mouthpiece heating up after continuous use, especially if enjoying sessions back-to-back, is to be expected and nothing to worry about. I'd recommend waiting 5-minutes between sessions if the mouthpiece is proving to be too hot. Thanks again for the feedback! (: