Everything to Know About Pre-filled Vape Kits

Everything to Know About Pre-filled Vape Kits

Everything to Know About Pre-filled Vape Kits

Amidst the latest Vaping Regulations, the landscape of vape products has seen a significant shift. Disposable Vapes, once a staple, are no longer available for purchase. As you navigate the shelves in search of your familiar disposable device, you might encounter a slew of unfamiliar alternatives. Enter the era of Pre-filled Vape Kits!

Within this blog, we’ll explore the advantages and disadvantages of Pre-filled Vapes, demonstrating that despite these changes, there is still a range of ways for you to enjoy your favourite flavours at your convenience!

What are Pre-filled Vape Devices?

Pre-filled Vape Devices combine the convenience of Single-use Vapes with the longevity of a Refillable Vape Device. They’re primarily composed of two components; a pod that is pre-filled with e-liquid, and a battery or base to provide power to the pod.

You will most likely see this in-store in the form of a pre-filled vape kit, which sets you up with both a battery and a pre-filled pod in your choice of flavour. Once you have your pre-filled vape kit, you’ll only need to purchase Pre-filled Replacement Pods going forward.

How does pre-filled vary from single-use?

Unlike Single-use Vapes, which are discarded in their entirety once depleted of e-liquid, you only need to dispose of the pre-filled pod once it has run dry. The battery/base unit is designed to be kept and reused with new replacement pods; meaning you can swap and change new flavours on a whim!

Some manufacturers have produced pre-filled variations of their most beloved disposable devices, allowing vapers to continue enjoying their favourite flavours in a compliant, pre-filled format;

Other types of Pre-filled Vape Kit include;

How do I use them?

Similar to newly compliant single-use vapes, pre-filled vape devices will be undergoing a series of regulatory changes come March 2024. In preparation for this date, some manufacturers have already begun including compliant design features, including a built-in child safety mechanism and automatic shutoff timer.

A built-in Child Safety Mechanism (CSM) is a physical design feature that requires the user to physically activate the device before vaping - think of the CSM as an on/off switch. Depending on your device, activating your pre-filled vape could involve pressing a button someone on the device, quickly inhaling from the mouthpiece, tapping an area of the device, or even inserting the pod into the vape a certain number of times. 

After a period of inactivity, typically 10 minutes after the last puff, your pre-filled vape kit may cease vaping and deactivate. You will need to use the appropriate activation method to reactivate your device so you can continue vaping! 

Some of the ways to activate your pre-filled vape kit include;

  • IGET Bar Plus Pre-filled Vape Kit
    To activate the IGET Bar you must insert the pre-filled pod into the device three consecutive times. After this, a white LED will glow to indicate that your device is ready for vaping.
  • Inmood Switch 10K Pre-filled Vape Kit
    The Inmood Switch 10K requires 5 quick taps on the USB-C charging port to activate. After 10 minutes the Switch 10K will deactivate.
  • Slim 6000 Pre-filled Vape Kit
    Activating the Slim 6000 will require the user to insert the pod into the battery three consecutive times.
  • Reckless Pre-filled Vape Kit
    To activate the Reckless, the user must inhale from the devices mouthpiece five times in quick succession.
  • Bud Pre-filled Vape Kit
    Similar to the Inmood Switch 10K, the Bud Pre-filled requires five taps to activate. To activate and deactivate the Bud device, quickly tap the Bud Logo five times.

  • Cloudys Maxxpod Pre-filled Vape Kit
    The Cloudys Maxxpod is activated by pressing the button at the base of the battery five times, and will deactivate after 10 minutes of inactivity.

The appeal of Pre-filled Vape Kits

Many vapers have already taken to pre-filled vape kits, and prefer them to single-use devices for their convenience, reduced wastage, and ability to swap flavoured pods as they see fit. A pre-filled vaping setup is also more cost-effective to maintain than constantly repurchasing single-use devices, as you are only repurchasing replacement pods going forward. 

Now that compliant single-use vapes have a nicotine limit of 20mg/mL (2%), some vapers will be seeking alternative, high-strength options so they can continue vaping at their desired nicotine level. While the best option for regulating your nicotine intake is with a refillable vape device, the pre-filled vape category features a variety of nicotine strength options from 0mg/mL (no nicotine) to the maximum 50mg/mL (5%).


If the latest changes to single-use vaping devices have left you in a pinch and unsure what your future vaping options are, a Pre-filled Vape Kit may be just what you’re looking for! The perfect blend of single-use vape’s convenience, and a refillable device’s cost effectiveness; pre-filled vape kits are the ideal solution for vapers who want a simple to use setup that delivers unmatched flavour for time to come!


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