VAPELAB's Top Picks for Autumn '23

VAPELAB's Top Picks for Autumn '23

VAPELAB's Top Picks for Autumn '23

With the long days of summer behind us, and the chilly season just around the corner; we’ve hand-picked a cosy lineup of premium vape products for you to try this autumn! From mouthwatering e-liquid blends, popular disposable vapes to the best devices on the market; our lineup of autumn picks are sure to spark the imagination and leave the cold at bay!


ZAP! Aisu Tokyo E-liquid Range

Prolific for their beloved Aisu range, the masterminds at ZAP! Juice have expanded their lineup with the new Aisu Tokyo series! Influenced by the flavours of Japan, the Aisu Tokyo series features a variety of refreshing and exotic fruit blends, indulgent desserts, earthy tobacco’s and frigid menthols - providing a modern twist of flavour and offering vapers an extraordinary vaping experience.

Blackberry Hibiscus
Mouthwateringly sweet and tantalisingly tart; not many e-liquids can compare to the unique flavour of Blackberry Hibiscus! Signature blackberry flavour combines with the cranberry-like tanginess of herbal hibiscus.

“I didn't really know what to expect with this flavour but it’s giving liquorice vibes and I actually kind of like it! Maybe not for everyone but I'll be buying it again!”

Lemon & Lime
The team at VAPELAB are loving the flavour of Aisu’s Lemon & Lime! Bright, tart and packed with citrus; this e-liquid is comparable to the flavour of Mountain Dew!

“I don't think I've tried a citrus flavour before but this one is delicious, it tastes like Mountain Dew! Recommend 5/5”

Watermelon Bubblegum
A tantalising blend of crisp watermelon and sweet bubblegum! This combination of flavours packs a sweet candy-like punch on the inhale, with fresher-notes of watermelon appearing upon exhale!

“Absolute fave now, has such a great taste”

Shop the Aisu Tokyo range here.


POP! Salts E-liquid Range

One of the newest additions to the VAPELAB cabinet; the POP! Salts e-liquid range is a must-try for fruit enthusiasts seeking a refreshingly icy twist. With their diverse range of fruity profiles, each with a chilling-hit of ice on the exhale, each puff of POP! will keep you coming back for more!

Big Apple Ice
Just like taking a juicy bite of a crisp red apple, this e-liquid floods the taste buds with true-to-nature apple flavour and an intense burst of ice!

Juicy Mango Strawberry Ice
This aptly named e-liquid combines syrupy mangoes with sweet strawberries for an almost candy-like combination of flavour. A burst of ice on the exhale brings a frosty-twist to this tropical blend!

Strawberry Kiwi Ice
Sweet, tart & icy! This refreshing blend of crisp fruits coats the palate with sweet strawberry flavour, and slowly gives-way to tangy kiwi fruit on the frigid exhale!

“Nice balance between sweet and menthol without being overpowering after a few tanks”

Strawberry Watermelon Ice
This frosted combination of summer-fruits really gets the mouth watering! Intense watermelon flavour combines with syrupy strawberries, resulting in a deliciously sweet e-liquid with an intense kick of ice!

Sweet Mint Ice
Just like chewing on your favourite mint gum, this e-liquid showcases the delicious flavour of sweet mint gum, and combines with an intense ice for all day refreshment! This e-liquid is a favourite amongst VAPELAB team and customers alike!

“Obsessed with this flavour! Have been vaping fruit/fruit ice for a long time now, had to change it up and try something "neutral" in flavour - Sweet Mint is exactly what I wanted! A nice level of ice, with touches of mint-leaf that aren't too sweet (but just sweet enough!). Overall, a nice palate cleansing flavour that I 100% would recommend!”

Check out the POP! E-liquid range here!


Pachamama E-liquid Range

A highly-popular e-liquid range here at VAPELAB; the beloved Pachamama e-liquid series is sure to delight! Crafted by the highly-regarded team at Pachamama, this range offers a diverse collection of e-liquids that capture the vibrancy and authenticity of fruit blends from all around the world! If you’re a vaper who appreciates the true-to-nature flavour of familiar and exotic fruits, the Pachamama range is the one for you!

One of the most beloved e-liquids from Pachamama, Fuji combines fresh strawberries, sweet nectarines and crisp Fuji apples to create a nectar-like blend of sweet and summery flavour!

“If you’re after a good tasting Nic Salt with that nice juicy late autumn apple taste then this is for you. A must try, definitely, and easy to mix-with your other favourite fruit salts to get the ultimate fruity hit. Try this with Icy Mango. Goes a treat on the taste buds!!!”

Honeydew Melon
Shining a spotlight on the subtle-sweetness of succulent honeydew melons; this e-liquid is perfectly balanced and packed with signature honeydew flavour!

“I love the actual fruit. So, to have it be replicated to this exact taste, is phenomenal! Glad I found this flavour!”

A delicious reimagining of the classic Italian dessert; Pachamama Sorbet combines delicious raspberries with mouth-puckering lemonade for a delicious balance of sweet and tangy!

“The perfect sorbet! Tasty sweet raspberry but not overpowering. Just the right mix.”

Get your hands on the Pachamama Range here!


Cloudys Disposable Vape Device

The Cloudys single-use device is one of the most popular disposable vapes here at VAPELAB! Offering 1600 puffs of 20mg/mL (2%) salt nicotine, with fourteen mouth watering flavours, the Cloudys device is an excellent choice for vapers who are looking to lower their nicotine intake whilst still enjoying a kick of flavour!

From an icy fruit blend, frigid bubblegum to cooling cola; the Cloudys disposable vape is ideal for vapers who want a flavour done right!

“Blackcurrant Ice is so freaking great! First time buying this brand and flavourful so will definitely buy again!”
“[Bubblegum Ice] Reminds me of gum when I was kid. Easy flavour to get stuck in on, or a good change of pace from my usual.”

Learn more about Cloudys Disposable Vapes here.


DRAGBAR B5000 Disposable Vape Device

The DRAGBAR B5000 is the go-to option for disposable vapers who want to get the most out of their device! Offering a very generous 5000 puffs of flavour, in eight mouth watering fruit blends, the DRAGBAR B5000 is available in 50mg/mL salt nicotine.

The ideal companion for an extended-trip away from your usual vaping setup, the DRAGBAR B5000 will last the average vaper around ten days of use. The B5000 is fitted with a USB-C charging port, allowing you to recharge your vape as you please, and ensuring you get the most out of your device before it’s ready to be discarded!

With flavours like a creamy Pina Colada, a deliciously-warm Peach Mango or a frosty Fruit Slushie to choose from; the B5000 is sure to deliver mouthwatering flavour for days to come!

“Flavour lasts the whole time and personally the best disposable vape I've had yet!”
“Recently tried the Aloe Grape - really yummy flavour and super smooth to vape! It's lasted me over a week so far. Will definitely be purchasing again :)”
“Strawberry Ice Cream = YUM! Tastes like a strawberry chupa chup! Will most definitely buy again!”

Secure a DRAGBAR of your own here!


Caliburn A3 & AK3

The latest additions to UWELL’s stellar Caliburn lineup; the Caliburn A3 & AK3, continues the UWELL legacy of unmatched flavour and easy portability. Whether you’re after a slim pen-style device, or prefer a compact matchbox-style vape, the Caliburn A3/AK3 are a great option for vapers who are looking for a reliable and flavourful pod system!

Ideal for mouth-to-lung (MTL) vaping, thanks to UWELL’s newly developed 1.0Ω replacement pod, the A3/AK3 holds 2mL of e-liquid and utilises an easy top-fill system for easy refills and mess-free vaping. Both the A3 & AK3 are fitted with a 520mAh battery and feature a 13W output, and utilise UWELL's Pro-FOCs flavour technology to deliver unfiltered flavour and smooth vaping.

The Caliburn A3 offers both auto-draw and button-activation functionality, and allows you to disable button-activation by double pressing the firing-button twice while the device is on; preventing any accidental misfires while the vape sits in your pocket or bag. The AK3 is solely operated by auto-draw activation, making it the ideal option for vapers who like to stash their device away. For particularly active vapers, the AK3 can also be worn on a lanyard for easy portability!

The Caliburn A3/AK3 both support fast-charging via USB-C, and can reach full charge in only fifteen minutes! With a range of stylish metallic-finish colourways to choose from, the Caliburn A3 & Caliburn AK3 devices are a must-have for vapers who like a hassle-free and flavourful vape! 

“I upgraded to the AK3 from the A2 recently, so far I really like this device. It’s super easy to use, hasn't given me any trouble, super smooth and good flavour. Would definitely recommend this to anyone who wants a simple vape device.”

Get your hands on the Caliburn A3 Vape Kit here.

Or, secure your own Caliburn AK3 Vape Kit here.

We offer free shipping options for orders throughout Australia and New Zealand! If you’re in the need of a stock-up leading up to winter, now’s the time to get your hands on some of our newest products!

Or, if you’re out for an autumn stroll; feel free to visit us at one of our two Wellington CBD locations - our amazing team will be more than happy to show off our newest arrivals and sort you out with all you need for a successful vaping setup!

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