VAPELAB's Top Picks for Spring 2022

VAPELAB's Top Picks for Spring 2022

VAPELAB's Top Picks for Spring 2022

Happy change of season to all the Spring lovers out there! This turn of time brings forth beautiful botanicals, bouncy baby lambs, and of course; our Spring picks for 2022. The crew here at VAPELAB have been keeping score of the latest and greatest vape & e-cigarette products on the market, and we’ve compiled a list of our favourites to help put a bit of spring in your step!


Vaporesso - XROS Nano Pod Kit:

The Vaporesso XROS Nano; a small but mighty device. This discreet and pocketable vapouriser boasts an impressive 1000mAh battery, easily keeping you covered for a full day’s vaping! Worry not about your current battery level; the four-level LED indicator will let you know when it’s time for a recharge. 

The XROS Nano is simple by nature; no buttons needed! Simply fill up the pod with your favourite e-liquid, charge up the device and you’re good to go! The XROS Nano has an adjustable airflow-slider, allowing you to tailor the vape to your personal preference. Pulse mode will give your device a slight burst of power at the end of each draw - ensuring pure and authentic flavour!

With the helpful eyelet-hook, you can thread a lanyard through your XROS Nano and wear it around your neck or belt to keep it safe! We find that carrying the XROS on a lanyard keeps it safe and clean - and makes quite the fashion statement! 

The XROS Nano has quickly become a favourite of VAPELAB crew and customers alike, and with 6 vibrant colours to choose from, there truly is something for everyone!

Find out more about the XROS Nano


Solo Disposable Vape Pen:

If you’re looking to get away for the weekend and don’t want to take your regular vape along, we’d have to recommend the Solo disposable vape device. These single-use vapourisers are perfect for situations that might compromise your daily-driver, and come in a wide variety of flavours!

These disposable vapes will last you around 1000 puffs - getting you through a night on the town, a weekend away or fixing those nicotine cravings because you left your regular device at home! There’s 14 tasty flavours to choose from; we highly recommend Gummies, Lychee Ice or Strawberry Ice - each are amazing in their own right! 

The two most recent flavour additions to the Solo range, Lemonade & Passionfruit, have just landed here at VAPELAB - and this editor wants you to know that they’re very yummy.  

Find out more about the Solo Disposable Vape here.


Vaporesso - GEN PT60 Pod Mod Kit: 

The Vaporesso PT60 is the perfect pod-mod for a long road-trip! Lightweight, mess-free, and featuring an impressive 2500mAh battery and generous 4.5mL pod - the PT60 will make an excellent travel-buddy! 

Fitted with Vaporesso’s new xTank, the PT60 utilises an easy top-fill system paired with Vaporesso’s SSS Anti-leak Technology - keeping your device, and pockets, clean and tidy! We’ve found that both the top-fill and top-airflow system do a great job of keeping the pod from leaking, and the magnetic closures are exceptional at keeping your xTank secure. 

Compatible with the full range of Vaporesso’s GTX Coil’s, the PT60 can be truly customised to the way you like to vape, whether it’s direct-to-lung (DTL) or mouth-to-lung (MTL). The PT60’s Smart Mode will automatically adjust wattage to match your coil! Choose from;

  • 1.2Ω - 8-12W - A tighter mouth-to-lung draw, best suited for 0-12mg & medium to high strength nicotine salts. 
  • 0.8Ω - 12-16W - A tighter mouth-to-lung draw, best suited for 0-12mg & low to medium strength nicotine salts.
  • 0.6Ω - 20-30W - A lighter restricted-direct-to-lung or direct-to-lung, best for 0-12mg & low strength nicotine salts.  
  • 0.4Ω - 26–32W - A lighter restricted-direct-to-lung or direct-to-lung, best suited for 0-12mg.
  • 0.3Ω - 35-45W - Loose direct-to-lung draw, best suited for 0-12mg e-liquids.
  • 0.2Ω - 45–60W - Loose direct-to-lung draw, best suited for 0-12mg e-liquids.
  • 0.15Ω - 60–75W - Loose direct-to-lung draw, best suited for 0-12mg e-liquids.

The PT60 is extremely lightweight, fits nicely in the palm of your hand, and produces a really satisfying vape - making it perfect for long-walk adventures or a lengthy road trip! 

Find out more about the Gen PT60 here.


Yeti Salts E-liquid Range:

The Yeti Salts range is certainly no stranger to VAPELAB or its shoppers; this fruity range of premium UK e-liquids have a delicious icy-kick to them that many have come to love! Yeti has recently added some new flavours to their catalogue, and we’ve been loving how popular they are with you guys - we think you’ll like them even more once Spring heads into Summer! 

If the Spring sun has you feeling nostalgic for a Winter harvest, you’ll have to try the Yeti Dark Fruits eliquid! A bountiful blend of Winter-grown fruits and berries topped off with a refreshing ice - sure to delight on the hottest of days!

Or, if you’re feeling tired of plain ol’ peach-ice, try filling up your pod with Blueberry Peach by Yeti Salts! This delicious e-liquid blends juicy peaches with tangy blueberries, and has a lovely icy exhale for full-on refreshment - an excellent flavour for peach-ice lovers to try! 

Cool down the senses with Yeti Frozen Pear! A delightfully fresh and crisp e-liquid showcasing the humble pear; this fantastically balanced e-liquid will refresh even in the warmest of weathers. 

With a whopping nine other delicious flavours to choose from in this icy range, we’re sure there’s something to help cool you off once the seasonal-heat starts to kick in - Yeti Salts will be your springtime lifeline! 

Discover the Yeti Salts range here.


VAPURE E-liquid Range:

The VAPURE range of e-liquids has only recently landed at VAPELAB’s door, and we’re impressed with what these Auckland-made juices have to offer! Whether you’re after a plain menthol, a delightfully sweet mint, or tangy apple - the VAPURE range will have something to keep you covered. 

If you’re looking for something minimal on sweet but maximal on ice, the VAPURE Arctic Ice would have to be the perfect choice; a polar blast of pure menthol. This e-liquid is amazing on its own, and is excellent for mixing with your non-icy e-liquids; giving them a refreshing icy kick!

Or, if you prefer something icy with some sweetness to it, the VAPURE Perfectly Mint has a tasty touch of sweet mint-leaf to it!

Picked straight from Granny’s apple orchard, the VAPURE Granny Smith Apple is a perfect balance of sweet and tangy. This thirst-quenching vape is delightfully subtle and makes for a perfect all-day vape - it’s just like biting into a juicy green apple!

That’s not all VAPURE has to offer! With some excellent tobacco’s, tantalising fruits and even a deliciously fizzy Cola flavour; the VAPURE range covers a lot of bases to keep you vaping this Spring!

Explore the VAPURE Freebase range here, or the Salt Nicotine range here.


Geekvape - T200 Aegis Touch Vape Kit:

The very latest addition to the VAPELAB collection of mods; the Geekvape T200 has to be one of our most impressive devices to date! Our first touch-screen device has been proclaimed as “the smartest touch device yet”, and with an array of innovative new tech - we can see why! 

Powered by dual 18650 batteries, and sporting a massive 200W output, there’s no denying the T200 is a powerful device. It’s in the 2.4-inch touchscreen, however, we see what really sets this device apart! Navigating and adjusting your new T200 has never been easier; with the swipe of a finger, you can customise your new mod to suit the way you like to vape. Boasting four unique User Interface themes; the T200 is a device you can truly make your own. 

Fitted with the Geekvape Zeus Sub-Ohm tank, and compatible with the full range of Geekvape’s Z Series Coils - the T200 is a direct-to-lung vapers dream! Smart mode will automatically adjust wattage output to match your coil, and the return of the Geekvape A-Lock System ensures your device won’t fire inside your pocket.

The impressive IP68 rating means your new device is more dust and water resistant than ever before while remaining compact and portable - and the increased shock resistance keeps it safe from the knocks and scratches of day to day life! 

If you’ve been looking to upgrade your current kit, the T200 provides great customisation on both a technical and visual level - and the added durability ensures your T200 will be right by your side all Spring long!

Find out more about the Geekvape T200 here.


Six Licks Salts E-liquid Range:

Direct from the UK; the Six Licks e-liquid range has found its way onto VAPELAB shelves and into the hearts of many. This fruity range of liquids is versatile enough to cover the most unpredictable of Spring weather; something spicy for the cold and something icy for the heat. 

If the Springtime drizzles are keeping you locked up indoors, why not try the Six Licks Bite the Bullet? This juicy blend pairs fresh blackcurrants with subtly-spicy aniseed to create a delightfully warm vape - the hint of ice at the end brings everything down to temp on the smooth exhale. This e-liquid is unusual to most at first glance, but makes a delicious vape when given the chance!

Are you looking for something to cool-off with on those warmer days? The Six Licks Bluenomia e-liquid is sure to quench the driest of thirsts! This icy e-liquid blends ripe raspberries with juicy blueberries, and makes a deliciously tangy vape. The menthol-kick on exhale does a great job of cooling down the Spring sun!

There’s still four other flavours from this range to discover - and we’re sure they won’t disappoint! Whether you’re after a perfect melon, tangy citrus or a fresh pear; Six Licks Salts is sure to deliver!

Shop the Six Licks Salts range here.


Here endeth our 2022 picks for Spring! In the meantime, we’ll be applying some SPF and continue hunting for more of the best vape & e-liquid products for you to try come Summertime! 

Until then, if you have any questions about our Spring picks, or any of the other products we stock, please be sure to get in touch with us via our contact page.

Alternatively, feel free to visit us in-store at either of our two Wellington CBD locations - our amazing team are always here to help!

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