Monster Is Back!

Monster Is Back!

Monster Is Back!

The long-awaited Monster Vape Labs restock is finally upon us, Aotearoa. We’ve appreciated your patience thus far, and are ecstatic to announce that the highly coveted ranges of Monster e-liquids are back on VAPELAB’s shelves!

After a long journey from the USA, we’re thrilled to have all seven of Monster Vape Labs’ premium e-liquid ranges back in our cabinets (and hearts)! For years, these e-liquids have been a staple in our range - and we’ve missed their presence just as much as you have. As we said above, we’re welcoming seven unique ranges back to VAPELAB’s door - whether you’re after a tantalising fruit, a rustic tobacco or a creamy custard, Monster Vape Labs is sure to keep you happy from one flavourful puff to the next!


Custard Monster

The creamiest custards are back! Silky smooth from start to finish, these delectable dessert e-liquids are hugely popular with our sweet-toothed customers. Whether you like your custards plain & simple or fresh & fruity - the Custard Monster range will be your next go-to! 

Custard Monster - Vanilla:
More than just a “plain ol’ vanilla”, this silky dessert e-liquid is one of our all-time top sellers! Deliciously creamy with each puff, and chock-full of authentic vanilla flavour - this dreamy e-liquid is finally back in the safe hands of VAPELAB and its vapers!

Why hear it from us when you can hear it from one of our trusted VAPELAB customers and roving taste-journalists;

“Good quality juice, smooth, sweet and literally tastes like custard”
- Kelly W

Custard Monster - Butterscotch:
Nothing goes better together than custard and butterscotch! This wonderfully moreish e-liquid makes good use of Monster’s famous vanilla custard base and blends it with perfectly caramelised butterscotch - an excellently sweet vape with complex notes of browned sugar and butter-y goodness! 

Get your hands on the Custard Monsters freebase & salt nicotine e-liquids.


Fruit Monster

The Fruit Monster range is one of our top-sellers; and for good reason! Boasting unmatched fruity flavour, these positively moreish e-liquids taste amazing from start to finish! With a plethora of fruity-combos, you’re sure to find your next daily-driver in this amazing range!

Fruit Monster - Strawberry Banana:
Making it's VAPELAB debut, this classic combination of perfectly ripened bananas and succulent strawberries makes for an absolutely moreish vape! Deliciously sweet, and slightly creamy, this heavenly e-liquid is sure to please!

Fruit Monster - Mango Peach Guava:
A tropical favourite we know you’ve been missing! This heavenly fruit mix is a crowd pleaser for good reason - it’s brimming with juicy mango, sweet peach and creamy guava flavour! Kick back under the Summer sun with a pod of Mango Peach Guava and experience the goodness for yourself!

Residential VAPELAB customer and flavour-expert writes;

“Such a smooth juice with heaps of flavour. Is definitely my go-to when I don't know what to get.” - Isaac K

Fruit Monster - Passionfruit Orange Guava:
This delicious e-liquid has been on hiatus for longer than most, but we know you’ll all give it a proper welcome! A pleasantly sweet flavour of tangy passionfruit, zesty oranges, and creamy guava - this moreish vape is sure to be your next go-to as we head into the Kiwi Summer!

Find your next all-day vape from the Fruit Monster freebase & salt nicotine e-liquids.



Frozen Fruit Monster

When you’re finding it difficult to beat the heat, and there’s no shady palm trees in sight, cool down the senses with a pod of Frozen Fruit Monster! This frosty collection of frozen-fruits shares the same flavours as the Fruit Monster range - adding a frosty kick of cooling ice to ensure maximum refreshment!

Frozen Fruit Monster - Mixed Berry Ice:
We know you’ve been hanging-out for this highly coveted e-liquid! Flash-frozen, and blended to perfection, this fruity cocktail of sun-kissed strawberries, sinfully sweet blackberries, tart blueberries and juicy raspberries is sure to delight! Get lost in the fruitiness on the smooth inhale, and wake up in the Tundra on the icy exhale!

Frozen Fruit Monster - Blueberry Raspberry Lemon Ice:
This is an e-liquid that really gets the taste buds dancing! A tantalising mix of juicy blueberries, perfectly ripe raspberries and zingy lemons - topped with a polar-blast of refreshing ice. A delightful balance of sweet, sour and snowy; this frosty e-liquid is guaranteed to quench thirsts!

Local Monster Hunter and VAPELAB regular wants you to know;

“This juice is absolutely fantastic. It's one of the juices where once you start you don't want to stop. Well worth the money” - Kathy B

Frozen Fruit Monster - Strawberry Kiwi Pomegranate Ice: 
An endless Summer perfectly captured and bottled! An icy mixture of frost-kissed strawberries, wintry kiwifruit, and frigid pomegranate - this deliciously fruity e-liquid is without a doubt one of the most popular from the Frozen Fruit Monster range and is sure to cool down the senses!

Frozen Fruit Monster - Passionfruit Orange Guava Ice:
This deliciously tropical blend was only with us for a short while in 2021, and we're more than excited for its return! This medley of sweet passionfruit, juicy orange and tangy guava is topped with the perfect amount of ice to ensure maximum refreshment!

Find your next Summer-quencher from the Frozen Fruit Monster freebase & salt nicotine e-liquids.



Tobacco Monster

You can expect a rich and authentic tobacco flavour when you pick up a bottle from the Tobacco Monster range. Whether you like a robust American tobacco, something smoother & milder, or a chilling menthol - the Tobacco Monster range boasts unmatched tobacco flavour from one puff to the next. Perfect for those who enjoy a more rustic vape, or those who are looking for a tobacco-blend that perfectly captures the ever-elusive flavour of traditional cigarettes!

Tobacco Monster - Bold:
Big on tobacco flavour, this perfectly named tobacco-blend showcases complex and robust notes of flue cured tobacco with subtle hints of light vanilla and hazelnut for a truly authentic vape! Perfectly rich with tobacco flavour, with a subtle sweetness for balance - this tobacco-blend is a perfect replacement for those looking to capture that authentic analog-cigarette flavour!

VAPELAB customer and most trusted tobacco-connoisseur writes;

“A bold tobacco intake followed by a complimenting vanilla and then a hazelnut finish. 10/10 best on an RDA Clapton quad core wire” - Nicole G

Tobacco Monster - Smooth:
The aptly named Smooth e-liquid from Tobacco Monster perfectly captures all of the complex flavours that tobacco has to offer, and masterfully mellows out the bolder flavours with a mild Spanish cream. Rich and complex notes of flue cured tobacco on inhale, with a delightful creaminess on the smooth exhale - this e-liquid is true to its name!

Explore more of the Tobacco Monster freebase & salt nicotine e-liquids. 

Lemonade Monster

You simply cannot go wrong with a tall glass of sparkling lemonade, even when it’s being vaped! This zesty range of fruity lemonade-fusions is sure to refresh the senses on a scorching day; they’re packed with flavour and make for a great daily-driver! Why not try a glass of good ol’ fashioned pink-lemonade? Or, if you’re feeling daring, try a pod of blueberry goodness!

Lemonade Monster - Pink Lemonade:
This lemonade-fusion of bright pink-fruits and zesty lemons is sure to tickle the taste-buds! This deliciously sweet beverage e-liquid has a wonderful balance of sweet and tart - making an excellently balanced all-day vape! Fill up a pod of Pink Lemonade and be transported back to simpler times!

Lemonade Monster - Strawberry Lemonade:
A delectable beverage e-liquid direct-to-you from the Lemonade Stand! This wonderful blend of sun-kissed strawberries and dazzling lemonade strikes a perfect balance and makes for a moreish daily-vape. Park-up under a shady tree and enjoy the refreshment that only a glass of strawberry lemonade can deliver!

Lemonade-stand inspector and VAPELAB reviewer writes;

Has a nice fruity flavour that’s really comes through consistently- John D

Grab yourself a tall glass of Lemonade Monster freebase & salt nicotine e-liquids.


Jam Monster

A perfectly sweet & savoury e-liquid to kick-off the day! This moreish range of dessert e-liquids combines all the unique and complex flavours of various fruit-jams on lightly buttered toast! Whether you like a good slathering of grape, raspberry or strawberry jam on your toast is entirely up to you; all we know is that it’s going to be a struggle to put these delicious e-liquids back down!

A friend of VAPELAB, and lover of jam, writes;

“Jam Monster never fails to hit you where you need it. My new favourite flavour and I didn’t think anything could ever beat Blackberry!” - Rachel W

Kick-start your morning with the Jam Monster range freebase & salt nicotine e-liquids.



The Milk

The dreamiest e-liquids you’ve ever vaped! The Milk range from Monster Vape Labs captures complex flavours combined with deliciously frothy milk! Whether you like your milkshake with spicy cinnamon, heavenly fruits or even crunchy cereal - these nostalgic e-liquids are sure to transport you back to your childhood! 

One of our VAPELAB flavour-expert’s writes;

“Nice sweet vape that I can’t put down!!” - Craig S

Shake-up your current e-liquid collection with The Milk freebase & salt nicotine e-liquids. 


Like always, we offer free express shipping options for both Australian and New Zealand orders - stock up on your favourites from the comfort of home and expect Monster’s to knock at your door very soon!

If you’ve somehow made it to the end of this blog without racing outside to restock on your holy-grail Monster e-liquids, come and visit us at one of our two Wellington locations and see them in the flesh for yourself! We’ve recently extended our operating hours for the Summer period - giving you a fighting chance to get your hands on these precious e-liquids!

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