XTAR - PB2S Portable Charger & Power Bank


Never find yourself caught out again with the 2-in-1 XTAR PB2S Portable Charger & Power Bank!

The perfect solution for vapers on the go, the XTAR PB2S dual-functions as a Battery Charger & USB-C Power Bank! Whether your device is powered via external batteries, or requires direct charging to its built-in battery; the PB2S provides the flexibility needed to suit all device types! The PB2S is compatible with 2x 18650 batteries, or 2x 21700 batteries (not included).

As a power bank, the PB2S is capable of 2.1A USB output - allowing you to fully charge most devices in under two hours! The capacity of your PB2S depends on the battery type placed into the device (21700 &18650), and can contain a total of 10,000mAh capacity - the PB2S can even hold a 21700 and 18650 battery at the same time! With a simple click of the side button, you can see the battery life of your power bank, as well as the individual capacities of the batteries inside the PB2S. Fitted with both a USB-C & USB-A outlet, the PB2S is capable of charging two device at once.

As a battery charger, the PB2S contains XTAR's industry-leading features, including 0V battery activation, 3-stage battery charging to ensure the longevity of your batteries, high-precision auto-shutoff once your batteries are fully charged and multiple safety functions; the XTAR PB2S dual-use device functions as a reliable battery charger akin to their other, specialised battery chargers. 

The PB2S is housed in durable, soft-touch rubberised plastic and is completely fireproof. Quickly and easily remove your batteries with the mounted ribbon, and secure them in your device with the magnetised door closures. 

Compatible With:

  • Li-ion 3.6V/3.7V batteries: 18650 & 21700 (cannot charge protected 21700 batteries)


  • Dual-use battery charger & power bank
  • Conversion efficiency up to 92% 
  • 0V battery revival
  • Real-time charging & battery percentage display
  • Fireproof, durable materials with convenient magnetised door


  • Input: DC 5V 2.0A / 9V 2.0A / 12V 1.0A
  • End of Charge Voltage: 4.20 ±0.05
  • End of Charge Current: ≤120mA
  • Operation Temperature: 0°C~40°C
  • Charger Size: 125mm x 58mm x 28mm
  • Weight: 85g

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