Firefly 2+ Vapouriser Kit


The perfect companion for herb vapers that put flavour first; the Firefly 2+ Vapouriser Kit is available online and in-store at VAPELAB!

Culminating all of the beloved features that put the Firefly’s predecessors on the map, the Firefly 2+ dual-use vapouriser excels in delivering flavourful hits from both dry herb as well as extracts. Utilising dynamic convection heating technology and a borosilicate-glass vapour pathway, the Firefly 2+ boasts 33% more airflow than its predecessors, and is ready to vape in less than 5 seconds! Whether you’re a novice dry herb vaper, or have some experience, the Firefly 2+ is the ideal device for those chasing flavour! 

Powered by a 770mAh battery, the Firefly 2+ will see you through 3-5 sessions on a full charge. The Firefly 2+ will fully recharge in less than one hour, and only needs around 20 minutes to reach 80% battery life when using the supplied USB 3.0 & Charging Cradle.

The Firefly 2+ features a sleek, button-less design and is activated via touch sensors on either side of the device, automatically powering off once your fingers release. This not only helps to prolong the life of your battery but also helps to avoid any accidental burnt hits. 

Once your device is charged, the Firefly 2+ only needs 5 seconds to reach temperature; simply touch both of the tactile sensors on either side of the device and inhale to start vaping! The Firefly 2+ takes into account the loss of heat that occurs when inhaling, and so will gradually increase the temperature of the oven while you inhale to ensure intense and flavourful hits!

Fitted with a borosilicate-glass vapour pathway and chamber, with a temperature range of 93 to 260℃, the Firefly 2+ vapourises dry herb and concentrates with ease. The temperature of your Firefly 2+ can be either manually adjusted via the touch sensors or by using the Firefly App, which allows for a more precise adjustment of your device's temperature. 

To manually adjust the temperature range of your Firefly 2+; simply hold the right touch sensor down and quickly tap the left sensor 3 times to activate temperature setting mode. While still holding the right sensor, tapping on the left sensor will cycle through the temperature options. The LED indicator on the Firefly 2+ will pulse to indicate the temperature of the device; 

  • 7 Taps/Pulses: Concentrates (260 )
  • 6 Taps/Pulses: High (216 )
  • 5 Taps/Pulses: Med High (205 )
  • 4 Taps/Pulses: Medium (194 )
  • 3 Taps/Pulses: Med Low (182 )
  • 2 Taps/Pulses: Low (171 )
  • 1 Tap/Pulse: Ultra Low (160 )

To adjust the temperature of your Firefly 2+ more precisely, simply navigate to the Firefly Vapor Web Application and follow the instructions to pair your device via Bluetooth. Once you’ve selected your desired temperature, the LED light indicator will flash blue to confirm your selection.

The Firefly 2+ has a fully exposed vapour pathway for easy cleaning; simply remove the lid from the top of the device, wipe down the borosilicate-glass vapour pathway, herb chamber and mouthpiece and your Firefly 2+ is ready for the next session!

Housed in an aerospace-grade magnesium alloy chassis, and no taller than your smartphone, the Firefly 2+ is not only lightweight but fits into the pocket or handbag with ease.

Novice and experienced dry herb vapers alike will love the Firefly 2+ for its ease of use, quick recharge time, easy maintenance and unmatched flavour delivery. If you’re a dry herb vaper chasing flavour, look no further than the Firefly 2+! 


  • Compatible with both dry herb and extracts/concentrates
  • Firefly Web App connectivity 
  • Convection heating
  • Exposed vapour pathway for easy cleaning
  • Quick recharge time for back-to-back sessions
  • 2-year limited manufacturers warranty


  • Capacity: 0.15g Dry Herb Chamber 
  • Heating System: Borosilicate-glass vapour pathway, 93-260°C
  • Heat-up Time: 5 Seconds
  • Battery Type: Removable 770mAh
  • Charging Time: <1 Hour
  • Dimensions: 129 x 36 x 24mm 

In the box:

  • 1 x Firefly 2 vaporizer
  • 1 x Battery
  • 1 x Charging cradle
  • 1 x USB 3.0 charging cable
  • 3 x Firefly cleaning wipes
  • 1 x Concentrate pads

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Dion M.

The best I have had yet, impressive.
I think its worth the price great pulls and you can customize it to suit your own strength flavour etc
I havent even had it 24 hours but Ive even with limited experimental use I think, it's gotta be one of the most efficient dry leaf vapes on the market.
Its better than my Fenix Mini, and also better than my Mighty+.
I will consume less, I know that much already.
Top of the line for me.
Thanks Vapelab.

Thank you for your awesome feedback, Dion! Great to hear that you are loving the Firefly 2+, we love this device for all these reasons that you have listed and more! This device certainly satisfies all your dry herb vaping needs :)

Matthew M.

Works great. If you need it to be discreet, it won't be, otherwise it's great. Quick to heat, good draw, good flavour, easy charging with good capacity. Kind of clunky, not designed too well imo, but you can trust it to stay together.

Thanks for the feedback, Matthew - great to hear you're enjoying your Firefly 2+! The process of using the Firefly is unlike many of the alternative use devices in our range, so we can understand how the design-build can seem awkward - especially when vaping from the device. Hopefully with some time together, using the Firefly 2+ will feel like second nature! Thank you again for the feedback, we really appreciate it! (: