Eyce - PV1 Vapouriser Kit


Bringing a splash of colour to our range of premium aromatherapy devices; the new Eyce PV1 Vapouriser Kit is available now at VAPELAB!

Ecye's PV1 provides an intuitive and user-friendly approach to dry herb vaping that delivers consistent and flavourful vapour! First-time users will love the PV1 for this straightforward approach and experienced users will be surprised by the resulting vapour from this tiny yet mighty device!

Eyce's PV1 is pre-installed with an internal battery, and can be quickly recharged via USB-C. Operated and adjusted via a single button, using the PV1 is as simple as turning the device on, loading your herb, selecting a temperature, and vaping! The PV1 features a stainless-steel vapour pathway inside the mouthpiece, which stays secure on the top of the device via dual magnets and can be fully rotated 360° for easy access. The herb chamber, at the base of the device, consists of glass-coated alumina ceramic material and is closed off with Eyce's signature-look silicone stopper.

The Eyce PV1 is a session vapouriser, allowing you to enjoy your botanicals over the course of a five-minute session before the vape deactivates. Exclusive to the PV1 is Eyce's Autoflow technology; an innovative heating system that gradually increases the temperature of the chamber over the course of your session to ensure optimal extraction from your chosen materials. The PV1 offers five unique temperature settings, shown via the LED light indicator wrapping the on/off button;

  • Blue = 176-187°C
  • Green = 187-198°C
  • Yellow = 198-210°C
  • Red = 210-221°C

The ideal companion for new vapers, or for experienced vapers who want a colourful device to match their personality; the Eyce PV1 is an intuitive-to-operate vapouriser that delivers a satisfying vapour! 


  • Compatible with dry herb only
  • Simple and easy to operate - ideal for beginner vapers
  • Single-button operation design
  • Pre-set temperatures gradually increase over a 5-minute session
  • Stainless steel vapour pathway with a  glass-coated alumina ceramic chamber


  • Capacity: 0.3g Dry Herb Chamber 
  • Heating System: Glass-Glazed Ceramic Aluminia Herb Chamber, Stainless Steel Vapour Pathway, 176-221°C 
  • Battery Type: Built-in Battery
  • Dimensions: 114 x 38 x 25mm
  • Warranty: 1-Year Manufacturer Warranty 

In the box:

  • 1x Eyce PV1 Vapouriser 
  • 1x USB-C Charging Cable
  • 1x User Manual

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