Introducing the Slim 6000 Pre-filled Vape Device

Introducing the Slim 6000 Pre-filled Vape Device

Introducing the Slim 6000 Pre-filled Vape Device

With the introduction of the latest Vaping Regulations in December, we’ve had to say goodbye to some of your favourite disposable vapes in favour of new, compliant vaping products. This included the Slim 6000 Disposable Vape Device; a disposable vape best known for its slender build and mouthwatering selection of flavours. Loved and sorely missed by both VAPELAB staff and customers alike, the Slim 6000 was thought to never be seen again - until now, that is. 

That’s right, the Slim 6000 is back and better than ever! Meeting the new regulatory requirements via a new Pre-filled format; the Slim 6000’s dazzling array of flavours can once again be enjoyed by all! Boasting all-new features, including an automatic shutoff timer, a fully removable battery and a sleek aluminium casing; the Slim 6000 Pre-filled Replacement Battery is your key to vaping your favourite Slim flavours!

A more environmentally conscious option than its fully disposable predecessor, the Slim 6000 Pre-filled Replacement Battery is designed to be kept and reused! Instead of discarding the entire unit once it has run out of e-liquid, with the Slim Battery, you will only need to re-purchase Slim 6000 Pre-filled Replacement Pods going forward. Because it’s only the pre-filled cartridges being replaced, the pre-filled Slim 6000 is much cheaper to maintain than constantly repurchasing its disposable counterpart. 

The Slim 6000 Pre-filled Replacement Pods are topped up with 12mL of e-liquid, offering approximately 6000 puffs of use per cartridge and lasting the average vaper around 11 days of use. Each box contains one pod and is available in high-strength, 50mg/mL (5%) salt nicotine. You can easily keep your favourite flavours on hand and swap them into the Battery on a whim to enjoy your favourite flavours anywhere and everywhere! 

While many of the Slim flavour names have undergone changes to meet the required regulatory framework, many of them are still available with a new name! Take your pick from;

  • Blueberry Raspberry (formerly Blue Raspberry Pomegranate) 
  • Cherry Berry 
  • Cherry Lemon
  • Grape Berry (formerly Cranberry Grape)
  • Peach Watermelon (formerly Peach Mango Watermelon) 
  • Strawberry Mango
  • Sweet Berry (formerly Blackcurrant)
  • Sweet Mint (formerly Intense Mint)
  • Sweet Peach (formerly Juicy Peach)
  • Tropical


The automatic shutoff feature is designed to conserve your device's battery power and will deactivate the Slim 6000 ten minutes after your last puff. Activating the Slim 6000 is as simple as inserting the pre-filled pod into the battery three consecutive times, in quick succession. 

If you were in love with the Slim 6000 Disposable Vape, you’re sure to love the Slim 6000 Pre-filled even more! The easy-to-use and maintain pre-filled format is not only easier on the environment, and your wallet, but allows you to mix and match your favourite Slim flavours on a whim!

We’re welcoming the Slim back with an introductory offer! When shopping in-store at any of our CBD locations, mention this blog post to receive $5 off your first Pre-filled Replacement Pod!*

Until next time!

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