Introducing AISU by ZAP! Juice

Introducing AISU by ZAP! Juice

VAPELAB is excited to announce the arrival of the delicious and unique AISU e-liquid range by ZAP! Juice, available in-store and online now! Inspired by the flavours of an authentic Japanese Kakigori (shaved ice) dessert experience, this range encompasses the flavours of natural fruit syrup drizzled over shaved ice - and yes they taste just as delicious as they sound!

Read below for our review on each of these mouth-wateringly scrumptious e-liquids:

AISU - Aloe Vera

Available in: 10mL - 20mg & 60mL - 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg

ZAP! AISU Salts - Aloe Vera

Step out of your comfort zone and try something different with AISU Aloe Vera. This e-liquid is a uniquely refreshing mix of sweet and tangy aloe vera paired with a cooling hit of menthol which adds an extra kick to your vape. Comparable to your favourite aloe vera juice, this e-liquid has quickly become a crowd favourite amongst the team here at VAPELAB!

AISU - Green Apple

Available in: 10mL - 20mg & 60mL - 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg

ZAP! AISU Salts - Green Apple

Green Apple by AISU is authentic to its name. Each inhale reminds us of biting into a juicy green apple, sweet with a touch of sour. This e-liquid will not disappoint those of you who love a fruity vape. Cooling menthol has been paired perfectly with green apple to create a refreshing e-liquid that we’ll happily vape all day!

AISU - Pink Guava 

Available in: 10mL - 20mg & 60mL - 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg

ZAP! AISU Salts - Pink Guava

AISU’s Pink Guava is a predominantly sweet e-liquid with hints of a contrasting tartness. The delicate blend of pink guava infused with the perfect hit of menthol, uplifts the tropical flavour of this e-liquid creating a perfect vape for those warm summer days. 

AISU - Blue Raspberry

Available in: 10mL - 20mg & 60mL - 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg

ZAP! AISU Salts - Blue Raspberry

This e-liquid can easily be compared to the taste of a blueberry and raspberry slushie. On the inhale the sweet and succulent raspberry coats your taste buds blending perfectly with candied blueberries and a cooling hit of menthol. AISU Blue Raspberry e-liquid is the perfect mix of sweet and tart flavours, creating a well balanced vape which the team here at VAPELAB simply can’t get enough of! 

AISU - Dragonfruit 

Available in: 10mL - 20mg

ZAP! AISU Salts - Dragon Fruit

Dragonfruit by AISU is an authentic tropical blend, perfectly balanced to give you a sweet yet sour vape. On the inhale you’ll experience the full flavour of tangy dragonfruit paired with cooling menthol, as you exhale you are left with a satisfying sweetness on the tip of your tongue which will leave you wanting more!

Perhaps you're having trouble deciding between each of these delicious flavours? Try our AISU salt nicotine bundle! For $46.95 you can try the entire range with five 10mL, 20mg bottles of e-liquid. Shop our AISU bundle here

Get your AISU e-liquid in-store at one of our two Wellington vape stores or shop online with free and fast delivery options throughout New Zealand and Australia with NZ Post Economy Tracked and DHL Express. 

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