XTAR - VC4 Battery Charger


Keep your batteries fighting-fit with the XTAR VC4 Battery Charger, available online and in-store at VAPELAB!

The XTAR VC4 Battery Charger is an intelligent four-battery charging cradle, designed to keep your batteries safe and healthy for your vape devices! Boasting features like intelligent battery recognition, dual-use with Li-ion and Ni-MH batteries & 0V Activation; the XTAR VC4 battery charger is your one-stop accessory to ensure your batteries are charged in a flash!

The XTAR VC4 is fitted with two 1.0V and two 0.5V charging slots, automatically detects the type of battery installed, and can charge different kinds of batteries at the same time! Dead batteries will display a "null" message after 10 minutes of charging to confirm that they are obsolete, while an "err" message will appear to reveal batteries with reverse polarity.  

The XTAR VC4 holds up to four batteries and charges them independently. Powered via an external AC outlet, the VC4 is fitted with a Tachometer display to keep you in-the-know on your batteries charge current, voltage, charge capacity, battery type and more! The backlit display can be dimmed simply by pressing the button for 1.5 seconds.

0V Activation revives over-discharged batteries so they can be used once again! A feature originally designed by XTAR, this feature has since become an industry standard.

Keep your batteries, and they devices you use them with, at their best with the XTAR VC4 Battery Charger! 

Compatible With:

  • Li-ion 3.6V/3.7V batteries: 10440 14500 14650 16340 17500 17670 18350 18490 18500 18650 18700 22650 25500 26650 32650
  • 1.2V NiMH/NiCd batteries: AAAA AAA AA A SC C D


  • Intelligent battery recognition
  • Four battery slots
  • 0V Activation; revive over-discharged batteries! 
  • Tachometer Display with adjustable brightness
  • Built-in intelligent protection features
  • Micro USB input


  • Input: DC 5V 2.1A
  • 0.5A Constant Current: 500 ±50mA
  • 1.0V Constant Current: 1000 ±80mA
  • End of Charge Voltage: 4.20  ±0.05/1.45±0.1V
  • 0.5 End of Charge Current: ≤60mA
  • 1.0A End of Charge Current: ≤100mA
  • Operation Temperature: 0°C~40°C
  • Charger Size: 149mm x 115mm x 35mm
  • Weight: 210g

In the Box: 

  • 1x XTAR VC4 Battery Charger
  • 1x Power Cable

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